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Diabetes? Live healthy with Homeopathy

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Pre-Diabetic & Initial Stage

In the initial stage of Diabetes, DHR Homeopathy treatment works on preventing further increase in blood sugar levels through diet and lifestyle management along with herbal medicines. This helps in avoiding life-long dependency on insulin and significantly reduces risk of organ damage at later stage.

Chronic Diabetes

Treatment for chronic Diabetes focuses on reducing dosage of insulin, while managing blood sugar levels and keeping metabolism high to prevent fatigue. Special herbs and Rasayanas are prescribed to rejuvenate the body and to ensure that no further complication is caused.

Advanced stage with other complication

Treatment for the advanced stage, especially with comorbidities (complications), works on improving the overall quality of life through customized Rasayanic treatment, diets and simple lifestyle modifications. Special attention is also given to reduce risk of further deterioration.

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